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Why support OSBLC?

This article is designed to answer that very question for not only school board members, but citizens as well. Over the next several months, we are going to highlight various differences between our organization and the more well known OSBA (Ohio School Boards Association). For now, we will focus on three areas that truly define our differences.


Common Core Field Test

Is your district part of the field test for the new Common Core assessments?  The following article not only obtains great detail about the field test, but once you finish the story, you will find a database of all schools participating in field testing this spring.  Two key points form the story are that kids won’t be scored and about 290 districts are involved.

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OSBLC recently released our first newsletter called Spotlight.  The spring edition is filled with information on topics like common core and levy results.  Below is a feature of the newsletter to keep you informed about the relevant legislation being debated in Columbus. Subscribe to our email list to make sure you receive the summer edition of Spotlight.