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“Ohio Controlling Board Approves Recommended Straight A Fund Grants to Foster Innovation”

The state of Ohio approved 24 grants involving about 150 school districts in the mid December meeting of the Controlling Board.  The awards totaled about 88 of the 250 million allocated by the Governor’s budget.  Applications for the 2014 grants will be accepted beginning in February.  Just click here to see if your district was awarded funds.


Local Wisconsin school board rejects national common core standards.

In a unanimous vote by the Germantown school board, the decision was made to develop local standards and not follow the state in adopting national standards.  This is the first district nationwide to do this, but others could soon follow.  Wisconsin has been a trailblazer in many ways over the past few years and the Germantown school board has just decided to do what it feels is right by its students and thats to reject the common core national standards.


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