2014 is off and running for OSBLC.  Newly elected school board members from around the state took part in essential training for board members.  Topics discussed included board ethics, ORC codes, responsibilities of a board member, networking, public records and so much more.  All the events were packed into a 10 hour day.  Agenda speakers included Christopher Finney and William Deters, both prominent attorneys practicing in the Cincinnati area.

If you missed the essential training, there will be more opportunities for training this year.  Additional resources are made available to our members.  If you serve on a school board in Ohio, visit our membership page and video footage from past trainings, staff feedback and board resources can be at your fingertips.

OSBLC member elected as a write-in candidate!

November 5, 2013 Rick won his seat on the Northridge Local Schools Board of Education by receiving 86 write-in votes.  He finished third out of four candidates.  The fourth place finisher received 48 votes also as a write-in candidate.  Rick recently attended our essential board training seminar which was held in Lewis Center on Saturday Jan 11.  This all day session allowed Rick to learn much about public records, board responsibilities and so much more.  Burkholder will serve four years on the Northridge Board of Education and our organization will be honored to do all we can to assist him as he works to put kids first in his service to Northridge schools. Congratulations Rick!

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