How transparent is your school board?

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With over 700 school districts across Ohio and the growth of the internet, it should be easy to find districts that provide contact information, agendas and minutes of meetings and maybe even provide audio or video footage of their meetings.  Last year our organization contacted hundreds of districts and found that many did not even list an email or phone for contacting their board members.

OSBLC has identified over 30 districts that not only give good contact information for their board members, but provide either an audio or video recording of each regular board meeting.  This is helpful to new candidates as it helps to educate ones self on the various issues that an elected board member will face in four years of service.

Worthington City Schools is one such district that provides audio files of every board meeting going back to previous years as well.  Click here to visit the site and if this interest you, join OSBLC and you will have access to many others.  If your district does this, please let us know so we can add them to our database.

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