Ohio Education Association names OSBLC an enemy

February 19, 2014

The Ohio Education Association, Ohio’s largest teachers union, has named the Ohio School Boards Leadership Coalition to its “enemies” list. In a recent state-wide conference OEA offers sessions to help teachers identify their enemies and discussed how to “deal” with them.

Another OEA enemy, the 1851 Center For Constitutional Law put it this way.

Equally disturbing, the other “critical” sessions were largely devoted to how these government employees could obtain less accountability and more public funds for themselves at taxpayer expense: Collective Bargaining, Negotiations, Compensation, Teacher Rights and Working Conditions, Bargaining Teacher Evaluations, and ensuring the rights of lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual employees. Not one of these sessions concern how to become a better teacher. That apparently is not considered “critical.” These are the people who have captured the power to educate Ohioans’ children and intercept Ohioans’ funds. And this is, literally, their agenda. 

Dr. Kelly Kohls, OSBLC President and candidate for Ohio’s 7th Senate District, said “The agenda of the OEA conference is a prima facia evidence of a broken education system that serves adults, not kids. The OSBLC is dedicated to reforming Ohio’s education system into one where the student’s needs come first instead of union self-interest. If that makes us an enemy of the OEA, then we are proud to take that mantle.”

Click here to view the agenda

To learn more about OSBLC, watch this 12 minute video

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