Kelly Kohls – President

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Dr. Kelly Kohls is a wife of thirty years and the mother of five children, all of whom attend or have been graduated from public schools. She is an educator and a businesswoman. Having taught for ten years at area universities, she operated a private practice for fifteen years.

The former president of the Springboro Community City Schools Board of Education, Dr. Kohls also served, on the board of education for the Warren County Career Center.

With her extensive background in the field of education, Dr. Kohls has seen public education change in ways that many citizens do not fully understand. She alerts citizens to those changes and empowers parents to maintain an active involvement in school matters by taking personal responsibility for their children’s education needs.

While public education is the answer for some students, parents should have other options, as well. School choice allows moms and dads to make informed decisions about the educational opportunities that best meet the needs of each student.

As president of the Ohio School Board Leadership Coalition (OSBLC), Dr. Kohls prepares citizens and school board members to effect a shift in the current philosophy of education. To promote the goals of the OSBLC, she travels the state at her own expense, educating the public on “Why Education Is Failing Our Students and Why Common Core Is Not the Answer.” She presents not only the problems, but solutions and recommendations, as well.

Dr. Kohls follows her words with action, to which her record in Springboro gives evidence. While she served on the school board there, the district succeeded in reducing the per-student expenditures, lowering annual taxes for district property owners by $1.3 million. While academic achievement thrives, the Springboro district now enjoys the lowest property tax rate in Warren County.

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