Why support OSBLC?

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This article is designed to answer that very question for not only school board members, but citizens as well. Over the next several months, we are going to highlight various differences between our organization and the more well known OSBA …

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Common Core Debate Video

In front of a crowd of over 325 concerned citizens, advocates debated the pros and cons of Ohio’s new Common Core State Standards. Click below to watch the complete video of the debate.

Help Reform Education in Ohio – Become a Member Today!

If you believe Ohio needs an organization like OSBLC, we encourage you to become a member today. Membership provides us with the funds and influence to make a difference in Ohio.

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OSBLC Advocates For

  • Freedom to create an educational environment that is NOT one-size-fits-all
  • Freedom to choose curriculum and discipline that works best for the local school district
  • Freedom to make management decisions without restrictive labor laws
  • Freedom to reward excellent teachers
  • Freedom from state and national regulations that increase costs for local taxpayers, take money away from the classroom and hinder a child’s natural love of learning


Ohio School Boards Leadership Coalition advocates for excellence in education through reform, restoration, and accountability. We believe that school board members are responsible for the oversight of the management of these initiatives.

Our goal is to coach our members and citizens of this State to become more informed about the quality and costs of education.

Empowering Change

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Today marks the 6 month anniversary of OSBLC, a state wide organization designed to be a resource for citizens, school board candidates, and current school board members. For citizens, we are a resource that can be utilized to gain essential information …

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