What happened on May 7?

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May 7 shaped up to be a day where some districts across the state passed levies and some were left to wait for recounts. One such district in Montgomery County, Brookville local schools passed a renewal levy with relative ease, but the request for new money ended in a tie: 865 for the levy and 865 against.  It will likely be resolved with absentee votes and a mandated recount.  Elsewhere many schools await the biennium budget among other factors before they decide what to do in the fall.

In our previous story prior to the election we shared that Trumbull County residents were impacted the greatest on May 7 (Youngstown area), as 9 issues among 8 school districts topped the list statewide. Interestingly, Brookfield LSD passed by 3 votes and the 4.85 mils additional levy for current expenses will be subject to a recount as well.

The one to watch was Niles city schools in Trumbull County. This was the only district in Ohio with two new requests for money. An emergency 4.65 mils request and a 1.0 mil request for permanent improvements. Both went down to resounding defeats as voters rejected the increases by a 40 point margin: 70% against the levy to 30% for the levy.

As November approaches, we will once again provide coverage of statewide requests and find the interesting story lines to report to the public.

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