Why support OSBLC?

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This article is designed to answer that very question for not only school board members, but citizens as well. Over the next several months, we are going to highlight various differences between our organization and the more well known OSBA (Ohio School Boards Association). For now, we will focus on three areas that truly define our differences.

One major difference between our two groups is that OSBLC was started to be a coach not only for board members and candidates, but for average concerned citizens as well. We allow citizens to buy memberships and attend conferences. OSBA does not offer membership to private citizens and they don’t allow attendance to meetings or conferences. The primary benefit to educating citizens is that it allows tax paying Ohioans to have a voice in an organization that hopes to impact future decisions of school boards across the state.

Another major difference, is our organizations stand on Common Core. Our president, Dr. Kelly Kohls, has spoken in Columbus in front of the education committee to voice her concerns and opposition to the standards and the method by which they were adopted. On the other hand OSBA has joined with both OASBO and the OEA in support of the standards and testing.

School choice is a terrific example of our differing views when it comes to the choices families and students have in Ohio. OSBA advocates against School choice, Vouchers and Opportunities for Students and parents. While OSBLC Advocates for school choice, applying free market principles to public education, and more opportunities for students and parents because one size doesnt fit all.

OSBLC feels that many of the decisions made by our school boards across Ohio could benefit from the coaching and expertise.

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